Upliftment of Women Entrepreneurs In The Handicrafts Sector

With a variety of cultures and unique traditions, India is the home to quite a number of handicraft industries.

Each state in the country has its own cultures, linguistic features and with that some exquisite and unique art. Handicraft industries are however more spread out in the rural areas than the urban areas and basically forms the backbone of rural livelihood, the small cottage industries in the rural areas are gradually gaining ground in the country with increasing demand for local and eco friendly products. 

The last few decades has witnessed widespread and growing popularity of women entrepreneurs with the government reprising laws especially for womens’ holdings in the business sector. In the rural areas a lot of women are responsible for the making of remarkable handicrafts, with growing opportunities and attention towards the handicraft and art industry in these areas they have been able to go global today. There are agencies which are solely run by women and focus on supporting women’s small businesses in the rural as well as the urban sectors by giving them commercial and financial support. 

Handicrafts made out of jute, clay or terracotta, bamboo, leather, seashells etc witnessed almost 60% female participation in making these craft items.

Some of the most profitable and in-demand products and crafts that has helped women expand their business arena are: 

Crochet Knitting: table cloths, coasters, pillow covers etc. 

Pottery: showpieces, flower vases etc. 

Bamboo handicrafts, baskets, toys etc. 

Candles: These are a new favorite in the market and especially the scented ones are most in demand. 

Fashion items: clothing, bags, hairbands etc. 

Jewellery : This is one item that is most in demand even in the global markets, jewellery made of beads, clay, oxidized metal etc are mostly made by hand by women. 

These are some of the most demanded items and get one’s business running. With the increasing number of women entrepreneurs, there will be plenty of supply in the coming days.