Handmade things and handicrafts are very personal and the best gifts one can give to their corporate colleague.

Handicrafts are eco friendly and most importantly your effort and planning for your handmade gesture will not go unnoticed. Some of the most common handmade personalized gifts given are personalized key chains, presto mugs, wall hangings, a lampshade, table covers etc. 

Here are some ideas for you to take inspiration from

Cultural tokens – this can include pottery, figurines, statues made from indigenous material and by hand. The handwork on these are detailed and are considered very personal yet formal gifts. 

They are bright and are a great set of artwork. 

Coasters – these can be used to cover as well as keep utensils. They are generally handmade of jute, bamboo materials etc. Coasters are used in almost every household and are quite useful gifts. Parts of West Bengal and Assam are famous for making handmade jute crafts and the coasters are quite the products in demand. 

Lamp Shades – these again are made from a number of materials like jute, bamboo, glass etc. Handmade lamp shades are the new best thing for home interiors, they liven up homely spaces like no other. Handcrafted shades are undoubtedly the best to gift to your corporate colleagues. 

Pen holder & clock stand – these are a newfound favorite. The penholder and a clock are attached to the same base. The stonework for this is praiseworthy since most of the time they are carved out of marble however sometimes they may be made from wood or clay. Pen holders and clocks are quite a unique choice and they can be personalized as well! This help organize better with a place to keep pens and pencils and the clock for obvious reasons. 

Scented candles – these are sure to enliven the spirit of the place wherever they are lit. These are definitely making their way into your Holi gift list for your employees.