Best Hand Curated Items To Get From Prattya

India is a country of magnificent heritage and rich culture and customs.

When it comes to art and culture India features among the top rated culturally rich countries. Handicrafts and creative pieces of art till date form the basic source of livelihood for many rural villages and areas. 

Some of the most famous mentions would be –

The Pashmina shawls of Kashmir produced in the district of Srinagar is one of the best handicrafts of India. Starting with combining and spinning to weaving and finishing is all done by hand by craftsmen. 

Wooden works, states of Punjab, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand are the main producers of wooden frames, masks, doors, sculptures, and toys. South India is another main producer of wooden works done on rosewood and sandalwood. Sandalwood is used to make cutlery, etched designs of flowers, animals and birds. Females figurines are carved out of a special type of wood called Kumbli in Kerala. 

The age-old tradition of Pottery in state of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh produce some of the most hand-made crafts and products in India.

Jute is another material out of which beautiful handicrafts are made among which bags, stationery and footwear are in high demand and are eco-friendly.

Brass Handicrafts like perforated lamps, tabletops, glasses and miscellaneous utensils are some of the best products. They are mostly manufactured in Rajasthan. 

Bamboo crafts, handicrafts made using bamboo are the most eco-friendly produce of India. The diverse items made from bamboo are baskets, dolls, toys, furniture, mats, wall-hangings etc. Bamboo handicrafts are predominantly prepared in West Bengal and Assam. 

Saris and Silk, the east of India is famous for its silk saris, namely the Baluchari sarees of West Bengal and Mooga and Assam silk of Assam. The saris are available in distinguished colors and look regal. Banarasi sarees are among the finest sarees in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery. 

Prattya is one such eCommerce startup which aspires to bring to its customers the best of handmade curations from all over India. is an online authentic Indian handicraft store where sellers from all over the country are welcome to showcase their products. 

Over years Prattya has helped in empowering small artisans, craftsmen and housewives by helping them promote their products online & providing them a platform via exhibition & workshops.

 “Prattya” was started by Mr.Surajit Nayak alongside his wife Mrs.Shampa Nayak 2 years back.

Mr Surajit Nayak worked in corporate Indian for 15 long years & then started few other starts-up This Idea of “Prattya” comes into mind when we see huge unexplored talents across India . India is a treasure on her own craft and creativity & via our platform we aim to provide opportunities to all such deserving & marginal people . 

Here are some of the best catches from Prattya- 

Jewellery -they have a huge variety when it comes to oxidized silver jewelry. The designs include tribal curations, fabric made, glass and beads and many more handmade stuff. 

Accessories – include silk clutches, woolen socks, Jyoti neem combs and handcrafted crochet tote bags and table mats. 

Fashion Wear –  they have a numerous number of fashion items such as hand-printed and woven sarees, handmade woolen neck warmers and socks. These are hand-curated by skilled artisans who hail from different parts of India.

Home Decor – consists of beautiful handcrafted decorative flowers, crochet coasters, tablemats, crochet single piece flowers, handcrafted satin cushion covers etc. 

Art – the famous ‘Poto chitra’ curations from villages of Odisha made with natural color is the best thing Prattya offers under the head of Art with other miscellaneous collectibles as well. 

Among others there are indigenous food items like sweets and savories, gift items, Indian fragrances and a little kids section as well. 

Prattya over the years has helped some of the best craftsmen and artisans from all over India establish their names in the entrepreneurial environment. Their items and curations are immensely beautiful and are sure to add magnificence to your collection. 

Comprising of a varied range of handicrafts, ethnic jewellery, home decorative items, Prattya is the one-stop place.