The Handcrafted Wonders of Applique and Embroidery

Applique handicrafts fall among some of the most famous and demanded handcrafted items in India. It is a technique used for decorating garments, handcrafted bags, tablecloths, bedsheets, etc. 

The nomadic tribes of Banjaras and certain communities of Andhra Pradesh are the ones making these beautiful handicrafts, they are naturally skilled and mostly do the work by hand. The applique handwork is most commonly seen on textiles but other items and pieces are being made nowadays as well. 

Handcrafted bags made with applique work or embroidery are beautiful
Handcrafted bags made with applique work or embroidery are beautiful

Handbags are an essential item for women, the ones that are handcrafted add to the traditional looks or the attire. Handcrafted bags made with applique work or embroidery are beautiful and unique to look at. These handmade bags feature colorful patterns, thread work, mirror works, stripes, etc. which attests to the fact that each of them is a unique piece of handicrafts found in India. The craftsmen involved with applique and embroidery work create each item with unique patterns and finish them with fine. Among the various handicrafts made by them, handmade bags are the most famous. With all the bohemian and banjara trends in the fashion world of the modern generation these bags are supposed to be statements and they add style to the looks.  

There are two types of designs created by these artisans i.e. Embroidery and Kalamkari. The latter is becoming extensively popular owing to its demands in modern fashion. 

Embroidered handmade bags are beautifully crafted by men and women by hand, on which they also incorporate mirror and thread works. 

The word Kalamkari means, Kalam – pen and kari – work. The style and design of Kalamkari are ancient and age-old. The prints are done on cotton fabric and involve almost 20 steps in its completion which includes dyeing, bleaching, and hand-painting, block-printing, starching, cleaning, etc. 

Kalamkari handmade bags, mirror work bags, coats, pot bags,  etc are made in the small districts of Andhra Pradesh.