The Rural Art Of Crochet Handicrafts In Andhra Pradesh

Talking about handicrafts and rural art in india there are quite a number of places and products to mention. Considering the vastness of the land area of India and the diverse range of age old cultures and traditions. 

Narasapur is a district on the west bank of the river Godavari in the state of Andhra Pradesh where crochet handicrafts are made by women for about 150 years now. 

The lace work is done by women with hand using special long crochet needles of different measurements and sizes. A lot of the local artisans are involved in the making of these, crochet tops and skirts are made with the help of cotton threads. This is one famous handicraft of India which is popular even globally now. 

Among other products, round table mats made of lace, cotton shrugs, table cloth, coasters, pillow and cushion covers, bed spreads etc are outstanding examples of crochet artistry in the district of Narasapur, Andhra Pradesh. One of the best creations by these craftsmen are the king size quilts with cushion covers included. Each design is made of alternating patterns and are unique in their own way. The artefacts also include phone covers, circle table mats, skirts, tops and dresses. Narasapur is one popular place in India known for its exquisite and incredible crafts made of crochet and the craftsmanship is commendable. The artisans have expanded their horizons and ventured into the global markets as well. Lampshades and wall hanging are the new products which are quite in demand in the international markets. 

Hand made Crochet

Handicrafts from India including crochet works are being imported to major countries like the USA, Middle Eastern countries where they are mostly presented as souvenirs. This had made Narsapur district, Andhra Pradesh a household name of the handicraft sector in India.