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Terracotta Plate Painting Devi Aarya


TULIRTANE? “DEVI AARYA” Goddess Durga is called Aarya because, in Sanskrit, the word ‘Arya’ means warrior and Aaryaa is its feminine counterpart, so she is Aarya. There is a chant in Durga Shaptasati, dedicated to Aarya name of Durga Ma,? Hand Painting on Round Terracotta Plate. The overview is a beautiful traditional hand painting that involves the action or skill of using paint in the right manner hence, the end product will be a picture that can speak a thousand words. Arts have been in trend for a lifetime. It can elaborate different meanings, styles and designs according to different viewers.? Decorative Terracotta plate Painting wall hanging with unique design and style. You can also gift this handmade craft to your family or friends. The painting has various forms of elements that are reflections of our traditional Bengali culture. You can add a matching set of lights to the place where the plate painting wall hanging and the decor will give a different feel and look to the place.

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Height:?27.94 cm

Width:?27.94 cm

Thickness:?2.54 cm

Weight: 0.650 Kg

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