Nitay Art handmade beautiful birds – Best handmade wall hanging


COLOR: Acrylic colour, febric colour.
Package dimension-6?6?4inch
300 grams


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Product Details:

  • Art and design handmade”hand made beautiful birds “a perfect home decoration for living room,master bedroom,cafe,etc.This art terracotta home decor piece will definitely create the right home accent.
  • Art and design,spruce up your empty space with artistically,rich and contemporary high finished product, designed using quality handmade Rajasthani terracotta product to satisfy your taste.
  • You want brighten up your space and impress your guests.this is the right home decor art you have been looking for.
  • Wrapped in the thermocol for corners,well packed in corrugated box to ensure each product packaged , avoid the damage in transit.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL:The best quality high finished terracotta clay for modeling.
  • This –handmade wall hanging is sure to impress thanks to its intricate design and high-quality materials.
  • Wooden hand-carved and painted tribal masks. Tribal wall hanging. Ethnic masks. Ethnic home decoration. Ethnic wall hanging
  • This handmade wall hanging measures 16 inches in length and 11 inches in width, making it a substantial piece that will stand out in any room.
  • This handmade wall hanging has macramé as well as a wooden dowel and a cord for hanging, making it easy to put up.
  • Summary: Not only is this handmade wall hanging durable, but it is also beautiful. It has been created by hand with care and meticulousness, and the materials utilized are eco-accommodating and morally obtained. You are supporting local artisans and contributing to a more sustainable future by selecting this handmade wall hanging to decorate your home. In conclusion, this handmade wall hanging is a stunning piece of decor that will definitely give any room personality and charm. It is a one-of-a-kind and environmentally conscious option for people who value high-quality craftsmanship and beautiful design because of its intricate macramé design, natural materials, and sustainable production.

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