Hand made brown bag with kantha stitch artwork – Best Handmade Bag in India


Originally found in Bangladesh, Bengal, Odisha and Tripura. Although there are similar styles of this stitch found all over India.

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  • Hand made brown bag with kantha stitch artwork.
  • Our Kantha Stitch bags are a perfect combination of style and practicality. Each piece, unique as the hands that lovingly stitched it, tells a story. No two piece are alike, this is the beauty of these pieces. It is a small straight running stitch that can be clean and simple or multi coloured and elaborate. Kantha is a style of stitching found in Indian embroidery that we use in our jackets .
  • Brown handmade bag with kantha stitched colourful artwork.
  • A handmade bag is a beautiful and unique accessory that is crafted by hand with attention to detail and artistic expression. Handmade bags come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, and can be made from a variety of materials including leather, fabric, and recycled materials. 
  • Handmade bags are often crafted by skilled artisans who use their creativity and artistic expression to create unique and beautiful designs. Each bag is a work of art, reflecting the skill and passion of the maker.
  • Handmade bags are often crafted using high-quality materials such as genuine leather, durable fabrics, and recycled materials. This makes them durable and long-lasting, with a timeless beauty that can be cherished for years to come.
  • Handmade bags are often crafted using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, making them a great choice for those who are conscious of their environmental impact and want to make a positive difference.
  • Handmade bags can be personalized to reflect the unique style and personality of the wearer. They can be crafted with specific colors, materials, and designs that hold a special meaning or significance for the wearer.
  • Handmade bags are crafted with love and care, making them a meaningful and heartfelt accessories. They represent the passion and dedication of the maker and the love and affection that goes into each piece.
  • Handmade bags are often one-of-a-kind or made in small batches, making them a unique and exclusive accessory. With a handmade bag, you can be sure that you are getting something truly special and not mass-produced.
  • Handmade bags are a beautiful and unique accessory that can add a personal and artistic touch to any outfit. With their artistic expression, quality materials, sustainability, personalization, handcrafted love, and one-of-a-kind nature, they are a popular choice for those who appreciate the beauty and value of handmade accessories.


  • Are Handmade Gifts Unique?
    Yes, they are unique. Handcrafted products are not mass products i mean each product has its own story, unique display of craftsmanship. Each Handcrafted item has its own character that is to be appreciated, offering authenticity and a guarantee that no two pieces are similar to each other.
  • Are Handmade Gifts Better than Readymade Gifts?
    Yes, handmade gifts are better because they are unique, and made with extra effort. Adding to it, handmade gifts let someone feel special, extra caring because rather than giving a store product or market goodies, you prefer to invest your time and efforts to create something for your special ones. No doubt, the people will definitely receive the same vibes and feelings which you wanted them to feel.
  • Are Handmade Gifts more Durable?
    Depends on the gift. The skill and time put into each item creates a Handmade product that is meant to last and often lasts much longer than machine-made jewelry or products. There are many advantages of handmade products over machine-made products – quality is a big one.
  • What are handmade Gifts?
    Handmade gifts are basically those gifts which are made with love and care. They are different from market products as they are not bought from the market, they are made with good memories and as we need to give someone. When someone receives such a type of handmade gift they receive the feeling which we want to express.
  • What is a simple handmade gift to give?
    Handmade Mugs, Photo frames, Personalized handmade Candles, Customize pillow covers. Skillet Handle Cover, Map Magnets,Chapstick Key Chain, Watermelon Soap, Cord Tacos, Marble Dipped Mugs, Dinosaur Planter, No Sew Flannel Blanket Scarf.
  • What are easy DIY Handmade gifts?
    Handmade  Photo Mugs, Phone cover, embroidery pillow covers, Handmade photo frames, Handmade Wall Shelves, Wall Mirrors, Figurines, Pots & Planters, Handmade Wall Arts and Handmade Painting, Lamps & Lightings,  Signet rings, Crawler / Climber earrings, Charms, Y2K jewelry, Initial Handmade Jewelry, Hughie earrings, Silver Accessories.
  • What can I make as a last minute handmade gift?
    Handmade Photo Mugs, Handmade Phone cover, embroidery Handmade pillow covers, photo frames, Watermelon Soap, Cord Tacos, Marble Dipped Mugs, Dinosaur Planter, No Sew Flannel Blanket Scarf, magic box, magic mug. There are many things it's just you have to invest your time and efforts. 
  • Can I sell handmade Products from home?
    Artist can sell handmade products online via own store built with a platform like Shopify, on third-party marketplaces i.e. amazon, eBay, indiamart, etsy , big cartel or you can give exposer on social media like instagram, facebook and whatsapp.you can also sell the handcraft items wholesale to other businesses.
  • Why does handmade Products cost so much?
    Handcrafted products are expensive because of a very important reason and that is they are handmade. It takes more time to make them. Machines are used for mass production and can possibly make hundreds of pieces in the time a craftsman finishes one product.
  • Are Handmade Products more Durable?
    The raw materials used by craftsmen while making these products is regulated, authentic, and of stellar quality. This is also one of the reasons why handmade products such as premium table linen are more durable and last for years.
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