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Exclusive Jewelry Box with Potochitro Painting – Best handmade jewelry box in India


Exclusive Jewelry Box with Potochitro Painting., 1 box with lid.

Potochitro box


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Product Details:

  • This is our exquisite handmade jewelry box, which is ideal for storing and organizing all of your priceless accessories.
  • Painted in potochitro painting with colours.
  • Potochitro paintings mostly depict stories of Hindu deities. These stories are based on Hindu myths and legends. Most of the paintings are inspired by Lord Jagannath and the Vaishnava sect. All colours used for painting are natural. And the paintings are traditional in style.
  • This handmade jewelry box is made with care by skilled craftsmen using only the best materials. The exterior is made of solid wood and has a smooth, polished finish. The interior is lined with soft velvet to prevent scratches and damage to your jewelry.
  • The lid of the handmade jewelry box is hinged, and when it opens, a large compartment with a variety of compartments and slots for all your favorite items can be found inside. The smaller slots are ideal for organizing and making it simple to locate rings, earrings, and other smaller accessories. The large main compartment is ideal for storing watches, bracelets, and necklaces.
  • Additionally, the lock and key feature of the handmade jewelry box guarantees the safety and security of your priceless jewelry. The box’s compact size and elegant design make it the ideal addition to any bedroom or dressing table, and its timeless design will blend in with any decor.
  • Whether you are searching for an extraordinary gift for a friend or family member or just need to indulge yourself with something sumptuous, this high quality handmade jewelry box gem is the ideal decision. It is a timeless item that is sure to become a prized family heirloom and will be treasured for many years to come.
  • Our handmade jewelry box is designed with a spacious compartment, various compartments, and slots for easy organization Designed with a lock and key for added security Compact and elegant, perfect for any bedroom or dressing table A timeless piece that will be treasured for years. Made from high-quality materials, including solid wood and velvet lining.


  • Why is handmade Jewelry special?
    Handmade jewelry is those jewelry pieces that have been crafted entirely by hand and not machines. Handmade jewelry is becoming hugely popular due to its unique look and rustic appeal. Even though machine-made jewelry offers clear designs and neatness in work, it often repeats the same old designs unlike Handmade Jewellery.
  • Is Handmade Jewelry Lighter or Heavier?
    Handmade jewelry is durable. Handmade jewelry is made with metals, terracotta clay crystal beads and other materials. They are heavy because lots of elements are added in the making process. So it might be heavy in some Handmade jewelry but it can be light weight too.
  • What Colour Handmade jewelry is most popular?
    Currently, boho jewelry or silver jewelry is most popular. Soft blues, pinks, greens, beige, gold, and silver are some of the popular sophisticated colors. When you are branding a Handmade jewelry store, you can choose the color palette according to your audience.
  • What Handmade jewelry can I wear every day?
    Handmade Bracelets, Single Statement Ring, Pendant, Diamond Studs. Diamond studs are a staple in any woman's Handmade jewelry lineup, Simple Hughie Earrings, Gold Stacking Rings, A Single, Statement Ring, A Simple Pendant Necklace, and Layered Bracelets.
  • Which is better, handmade or Readymade Jeweler?
    Handmade are costly so more people prefer readymade. But if any one sells handmade Jewellery with affordable prices then handmade jewellery is best. There are many things it's just you have to invest your time and efforts 
  • What kind of handmade jewelry is trending?
    Handmade jewelry are never out of style like boho jewelry, silver chucks jewelry, handmade charms, clay handmade earrings, terracotta pendants, terracotta rings, gold chains, stone work pendants, crystal bead necklace set, crochet earrings, or crochet necklace.
  • What are the types of handmade Jewelry?
    Wire wrapped Handmade jewelry, Beaded jewelry, Fabricated jewelry, Polymer clay jewelry, terracotta Handmade earrings, terracotta Handmade pendants, terracotta Handmade rings, Handmade silver and gold earring, gold chain, gold rings .
  • Why Are Handmade Jewellery Special?
    Handmade jewelry is precious. They are made with love and efforts. They are always fail proof, because every gift brings beautiful memories, lovable efforts, and are made with care. As they are customized they are made according to the customer’s requirement.
  • How to Make Handcrafted Products?
    Handmade products are made with good knowledge of skills. One needs to be expert in the product making process. Handmade products are made with hands and not with machines.
  • Are handmade and homemade the same?
    They may sound similar but there are differences because handmade products are made in good quantity with few machines but homemade products are made in proper man power which means it is made in home with few groups of people working for special products that can do anything.
  • What is the most attractive thing about Hand Crafted Products?
    Handmade is not mass produced. Each product has its own unique display of handcraft. They have their own character that needs to admire by others. Whenever you buy any handcraft products, you buy happiness, hard work, commitment, Indian touch, love and guarantee that no other piece will ever be the same.
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