Indian Handicrafts That Bring Out The Cultural Essence Of The Country

Handicrafts are items created and crafted by local craftsmen and artisans that depict cultures, traditions, and lores of a certain region. The handicraft sector in India forms the tertiary sector as per economic norms. However, they are best used to represent the vast and rich cultural heritage of India.

Artisan creating a beautiful piece of art

Bamboo Handicrafts: 

One of the oldest forms of handicrafts to exist in India. Bamboo handicrafts are eco-friendly and have gained ground globally as well. They are used to make furniture, showpieces, baskets, crossbows, boxes, mats, etc. Bamboo handicrafts are extensively made in the states of Assam, Tripura, and West Bengal.

Puppetry : 

Famously known as ‘Kathputlis’ in Rajasthan they primarily uphold Rajasthani cultures and traditions. The dolls are made of wood, cotton cloth and hung with metal wires. Puppet shows are still performed in Rajasthan as a tourist attraction.

Brass Handicrafts:

Known as Kansari, brass handicrafts and products are known for their durability. Brass is an alloy of some other metals and is used in making handicrafts like figures of deities, gods and goddesses, utensils, historical figures, vases etc. Rajasthan is the primary producer of brass handicrafts.


Pattachitra has its origin from Odisha, it is a cloth-based handicraft, painted with naturally made colors depicting local cultural and traditional norms and lores. These paintings depict ancient Hindu legends and also the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Terracotta Art Works: 

Terracotta is the art of making figures and structures out of clay, mud, and earth. Handicrafts made from terracotta are of a vast variety and they showcase Indian history, mythological figures, cultures and traditions of the place they are made in. Terracotta artwork is mostly done in Assam and West Bengal.

The handicraft sector of India has evolved a lot over the years and has stretched into overseas markets as well. They form the livelihood and economic backbone of the rural societies in India and need to be preserved at all costs.