5 Best Handicraft Items Found Exclusively In India

The handicraft industry in India is a very vast and huge one. In some of the rural areas,  handicrafts and small scale industries almost form the backbone and livelihood of the people. India is a country of varied traditions and customs of which handicrafts are a major part. People have been craftsmen here for generations and they continue to be till date.

Handicrafts made in India are of huge variety and each has their own place of origin and made by specifically trained craftsmen and artisans. 

A major portion of the handicrafts produced in India is exported abroad due to the heavier demands abroad as well. 

Here are the best kinds of handmade items made in India: 

  • Wooden Handicrafts

This is a very antique and traditional form of handicraft found especially in India. They include sculptures, figures, wooden furniture, handmade wooden caskets, jewellery boxes etc. Wooden handicrafts are made mostly in northern parts of India and parts of West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh. 

  • Textiles 

Handmade textiles is one of the magnificient creations found in India. Each of the 29 states in India has its own unique style and patterns of textiles. The handmade or the hand painted ones are in great demand these days. The major producers of textiles in India are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh,Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh etc. with all the other states contributing as well. 

  • Jewellery 

Jewellery making is a very ancient form of art that has been in existence in India from the historical era. Each region and area in India produces some or the other form of jewellery, the ones made by hand possess maximum uniqueness and antiquity. Handmade neck pieces, oxidised earrings, anklets, bracelets etc are widely made. 

  • Clay handicrafts 

Clay handicrafts are part of the rich cultural heritage India envisages. Pottery is an authentic form of making clay items, especially  utensils. Sometimes the brick items are coated with brass and a specific shape is given. In a country like India items of clay are found in every household. 

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